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Indian Astrological Science & Pandemic

by ikadmin on March 9, 2020 No comments
  1. Ketu, the karaka of viral diseases and pain , in Mula Nakshatra between Jan 15 to Sep 23 The deity of Mula Nakshatra is Nirritti — goddess of disaster, Alaksmi Ketu in Mula , although ruled by it, is not favorable Nirṛti (निरृति) is the Hindu goddess of deathly hidden realms and sorrows, one of the dikpāla (“guardians of the directions”), representing the southwest. The name nirhti has the meaning of “absence of ṛta”, meaning ‘disorder’, or ‘lawlessness’. Denial of prosperity to destroy the roots so that new roots can replace them Ketu will transit to Scorpio on Sep 23 , with that it will move to Jyeshtha Nakshatra . That will be an important date for relief Ketu was in Mula Nakshatra during 2002 SARS outbreak also
  2. Jupiter will move to Capricorn between 30 March and 30 June. Jupiter will conjunct Saturn (Own sign) & and an exalted Mars These are 3 of the most influential planets in vedic astrology Jupiter will be debilitated in Capricorn
  3. Jupiter will be retrograde between May 14 and Sep 13 This retrogression will test our patience and wisdom Limits happiness and good things in life , but finally it will give much more than you expected
  4. Mars will move to Capricorn between 22 March and 4th may An exalted Mars will join a very strong Saturn Shani-Mangal is one of the most dreaded combination in vedic Astrology Shani-Mangal will not augur well and 22 March – 4th May will be a period of constant chaos
  5. Saturn will be retrograde between May 11 and Sep 28 Tough time as Saturn will make us work hard and teach us really hard way Saturn will teach us discipline and the importance of social work
  6. Debilitated mercury between April 7 and April 24 Communication failures will be at peak Rumors , wrong communication will be at its peak confusing one and all
  7. Exalted Sun from April 14-May 14th Great leadership will emerge in the crisis situation owing to exalted sun Bottomline Peak of the Crisis – Mid May Crisis should get over by Sep end completely
ikadminIndian Astrological Science & Pandemic

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